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Salon Procedure

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customer procedure

To ensure safe COVID-19 procedures we have made some changes to our salon experience to keep all our clients and our team safe. Here are some of the precautions we are taking to protect your health and the health of our team. These changes are working in compliance with government guidelines issued for our sector. We are still able to offer all services except Keratin smoothing treatment.

meet & greet

Please wait outside the front door, and wait for a member of staff to greet you. We can only have one person at a time at reception, so please be mindful if the reception looks crowded, please wait outside. Outside has social distancing stickers on where to stand safely.

We will ask you to hand sanitise and pop on a mask which we will provide. Continuing the rule from the government, please scan our unique QR Code, by downloading the NHS app on your smartphone. This is to further support the NHS Track and Trace and reduce the risk of COVID-19. We have one on the door, which you can scan whilst waiting or we have one at reception.

We will check you in, ask for a few a few details and ask a few COVID-19 related questions. Once you have been checked in, you will be given a customer care PPE pack. In this pack is your freshly washed gown, 2 disposable towels, cape and apron. A small surcharge of £4.00 will be added for your care pack. Your stylist will then come and greet you.


The salon looks slightly different to the last time you visited. We have put up screens at reception, in between each section throughout the salon and our shampoo room, to keep everyone distanced and safe. We have a red/green card system in place throughout the salon. You will see these on every section, reception and shampoo room. Green is to let you know that the section or area has been sanitised and red means it is waiting to be cleaned and sanitised.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer magazines, so please feel free to bring your own. Alternatively, bring in a tablet as we offer Digital magazines. It is so simple, take a photo of the QR Code and it opens up to virtually every single magazine on offer.(You can use your phone, but it doesn’t work so well on such a small screen).

Refreshments can be offered…if you would like a tea, coffee, fruit and herbal teas, orange juice and cranberry juice, we provide this in a paper/plastic cup. However this would not be 100% contact free. We leave this up to you.

All items of belongings will stay at your allocated section.Please bring only the items you need for your visit. We supply a basket at each section for your coat, as we can not hang them up.

our team

The team are taking all the health and safety measures to make sure you have a safe and relaxed visit. The government guidelines state that all members of staff wear both masks and visors and the client is required to wear a mask whilst in the salon, unless client or stylist is exempt.

Each stylist has their own hand sanitiser which will be on their section, this will be used by the stylist between each client and service. Sections and chairs will be throughly sanitised between each client with alcohol wipes and anti viral sprays. We change or clean all PPE in between each service and client.

We understand there are many changes but please don't worry, we're here to support you. The team will help you navigate around our new system and will tell you where to go and what to do to make the experience as seamless as possible.

our Services

All services are going to take a little longer than what you are used to due to restyles, larger regrowths, colour changes so please allow extra time out of your day and extra time on your parking. If you would prefer to limit your time in the salon we can offer shorter colour services or you can split your colour and haircut appointments. If you have concerns about social distancing we have days at the beginning of the week where we have fewer staff scheduled to work, please ask reception for more details. Consultations will be done with the stylist standing behind you and will communicate through the mirror. Colour charts will remain in the stylist possession to limit contact levels.

Clients can dry their own hair after a colour service. There is one section dedicated to this. It will cleaned in between each client. There is an allotted time of 10 minutes in this section and is on a first come, first serve bases. We will provide a hairdryer which will be sanitised after every use. Please bring in your own brushes, as we can no longer provide these as stylist have their own equipment. We can no longer provide hair straighteners. If you are having colour only and do not wish to leave with wet hair please book a blow dry with your service.


In order to protect everyone within the salon we are asking all staff and clients to please stay at home if you are showing signs of being unwell. We would rather reschedule an appointment than take the risk that you may have the virus that could be passed onto others.

1.Have you had the recent onset of a new continuous cough?
2.Do you have a high temperature?
3.Have you noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste and smell?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you will need to notify us so we can reschedule yourappointment. If you are found to have these symptoms on your arrival to the salon, we will not be able to proceed with your appointment.

If you have previously tested positive for COVID-19, you must notify us at the time of booking, as research suggests that it may effect your colour, treatment or service result. We require you to be allergy tested before your appointment and to bring in anti-histamine with you in case of an allergic reaction, as we are unable to administer medication.

skin testing

Following new industry guidelines for skin testing all clients have to have a allergy alert test before return to the salon. An appointment will need to be made 48hrs before your colour appointment. It will take approximately 5 minutes.

*Once you have had your returning skin test and colour service but do not have another colour within 6 months of your first colour application, we will need to re skin test you.

*If you had a positIve COVID-19 test since your last colour service, we will need to skin test you.

*Changes to medication or changes to your health generally we need to skin test you. Your safety is paramount to us and we have to take all precautions.


*Please arrive to your appointment on time, please do not arrive to your appointment early.

*If your stylist is running late for any reason, we will send you away and call you when they are ready.

*Please attend your appointment alone, no children, pets or partners will be able to accompany you or wait for you in the salon, unless you are a career, a parent of a young child or they are having a service. This helps with social distancing in the salon.

*Card and cash payments are accepted. The card machine will be sanitised after every use. If you are paying by cash please ensure you have the correct amount. If you would like to tip your stylist, please have cash that can be given to the receptionist to put in the stylists tip box.

Lastly, we have always strived for excellent cleanliness standards in our salon which we will continue to uphold. however, due to current circumstances, we will be increasing these measures further. We will be expected to provide our team and clients with additional PPE . There will be a small surcharge of £4.00 added to each bill for the provision of PPE and extra cleaning materials needed for your safe visit to us. Rest assured our aim is not to profit from this and is only a temporary measure for as long as these additional materials will be required, we hope you understand.

Our aim is to get our business up and running and to make you all look and feel fantastic again, whilst simultaneously keeping our team and all our visitors to our salon safe as possible.


Thank You,

The Scully Scully Team.