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hairdressing options

Haircuts done professionally
by our highly skilled creatives

Whether you’re a man or a woman, have the haircut you deserve designed by one of our experienced staff. From Designer all the way up to Senior Consultant, choose from our wide range of creative professionals to get the perfect look for you.


Designer From £46.50From £34.50
Creative StylistFrom £51.00From £36.00
Artistic DesignerFrom £60.00From £37.50
DirectorFrom £63.50From £38.50
Senior DirectorFrom £65.50From £40.00
Art DirectorFrom £72.50From £41.50
Senior ConsultantFrom £74.50From £43.50


HairdresserShort HairLong Hair
Designer From £30.00From £37.50
Creative StylistFrom £30.00From £37.50
Artistic DesignerFrom £30.00From £37.50
DirectorFrom £33.00From £40.00
Senior DirectorFrom £34.00From £40.50
Art DirectorFrom £34.00From £42.50
Senior ConsultantFrom £37.50£42.50 - £48

colour services

A wide range of bespoke colour
services by our professional team

Our highly trained staff provide a wide range of colour services from a basic re-shade all the way up to a full head of highlights. Let’s work together and create the look that’s right for you by booking a free consultation prior to your first colour appointment.

*Please be aware skin test is required at least 48 hours before your first appointment.

Colour ServicesTechnicianSenior ColouristPrincipal Technician
Tone on ToneFrom £48.00From £52.50From £54.50
Permanent Tint - RootsFrom £52.50From £55.00From £57.00
Permanent Tint - Roots & RefreshFrom £57.00From £58.50From £60.00
Partial HighlightsFrom £61.00From £64.00From £66.00
Half Head HighlightsFrom £85.00From £87.50From £90.00
Full Head HighlightsFrom £109.50From £112.50From £118.00
Partial Highlights Long HairFrom £72.50From £78.50From £82.00
Half Head Highlights Long HairFrom £92.00From £94.00From £96.00
Full Head Highlights Long HairFrom £125.50From £127.50From £132.00
ToningFrom £20.00From £20.00From £20.00
Full Head Bleach Including TonerFrom £87.50From £90.00From £92.00
Colour GlossingFrom £26.50From £26.50From £26.50
Men's Re-ShadeFrom £24.50From £24.50From £24.50


Bayalage & Fashion colouring services are by quotation only due to different application patterns. A consultation is required. Blow drying is not included and requires an extra charge (see above). For more information feel free to get in touch.


full head perming

From £87.50

Looking to boost the bounce in your hair? Our professional team is experienced in perming and can help create a vibrant energetic style that matches your personality. For more information please get in touch with our reception team to assist you.

Latest Styles
great cuts for


We offer quality haircuts for children from age 5 all the way up to 14 from Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm.
Age GroupOur Prices
Under 5'sFrom £22.00
6-10 YearsFrom £27.50
11-14 Years (Boys)From £30.50
11-14 Years (Girls)From £35.00
Special Offer

For 15 + and Students

Get 10% off Monday - Thursday between 9am-5pm. Please get in touch to find out more or book an appointment today.

beautiful • stunning

Special Occasions

Looking for the perfect style on your big day or going to a special event? Let us create a beautiful look for memories that will last a lifetime. Please be aware this service is by quotation only, for more information please get in touch.


Goldwell Bondpro Inter-Amino-Bonding-System

TreatmentsOur Prices
Bondpro In With Colour£19.50
Bondpro Stand Alone£28.00

Goldwell Dual Senses Treatment

TreatmentsOur Prices
Dual Senses Treatment£7.00

Kérastase Fusio-Dose Intense Combination Treatment

TreatmentsOur Prices
Intense Combination Treatment£17.00
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