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Allergy Alert Test

  /  Allergy Alert Test


Following new industry guidelines ALL clients must have an allergy alert test before returning to the salon. The impact of Covid-19 virus and vaccinations on our immune system is uncertain. Some people have been symptomless with Covid-19 so we have to skin test everyone to protect and keep everyone safe.

An appointment will need to be made 48hrs before your colour application. It will take approximately 5 minutes. If you do not have a skin test we can not proceed with your colour service. If you have had a positive COVID -19 test since your last colour service, you must notify us at the time of booking , as research suggests that it may effect your colour or service result. We require you to be allergy tested before your appointment and to bring anti-histamine with you in case of an allergic reaction, as we are unable to administer medication.

If you do not return to the salon within 6 months, have had changes to your medication or changes to health generally, you will be required to do another skin test. Please see below our recommended testing protocol.


>>An appointment will be made for a allergy test.

>> When you arrive to the salon, we will ask you a few questions and fill in our skin testing record card.

>> We will ask you to roll up your sleeve. A small pea size amount of colourant will be applied to the inner side of the forearm/inside of the elbow using a cotton bud.

>> Leave to process for 45 minutes. After the processing time, wash the test area with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean tissue.

>> If you observe any changes from normal skin appearance throughout the first 2 days, such as itching, redness, swelling on or around the test area, we can not proceed with the colour application.

>> We will advise you or please consult your doctor or seek medical advice

>> If there is no change, we can proceed with your colour appointment.


Thank You,

The Scully Scully Team.